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Early Market News brings you the industry’s best “outlook-styled” morning grain market commentary. Whether you are an individual grain trader, farm producer, cash grain merchandiser, or a large institutional grain futures trader, Duane Lowry’s First Look early morning outlook will help you prepare and formulate your daily strategy. First Look is delivered via email before 7:00 am, cst, each morning and is available as a subscription product.

Early Market News can help agricultural companies deliver quality and alluring content that their customers are anxious to receive. Professionally delivered with your own “look & feel”, our insightful content that has a proven history of captivating audiences on a regular basis, will very effectively cultivate a fertile communication channel between you and your customers. Once established, this communication avenue becomes an excellent tool that will lead to increased sales, as every effective communication with your customers strengthen their loyalty and confidence towards your business.


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Grain Elevators...Do you want exclusive rights to the best grain commentary in your region? We can provide alluring grain content in a professional E-newsletter format, containing your grain bids and company message. "Captivate and Capture" your customer's regular interest and cultivate a loyal customer, using today's technology...for tomorrow's opportunities!