Early Market News's Core Beliefs>
We believe that top-quality market information needs to be "early" and in an "outlook-styled" format. We are committed to providing you with the news/insights needed to help you make your next decision. There is a reason "Recap" market reviews are plentiful and free online…they have no value. Serious market participants know that quality/beneficial market information is "outlook-based".

Duane's material is known for its straightforward, "no holds barred" style. In a business where people prefer not to commit, or choose to speak from both sides so that no matter what happens they can say they were correct, Duane's honest/direct writing, in a truly "outlook" format is refreshing and greatly appreciated. This, and quality/professional commentary has produced a loyal audience that spans the globe. Honest assessment and delivery are essential if any printed product is to provide real value and help stimulate readers' own thought process. It is through this process that the true value of any publication is discovered.


First Look>
First Look is a daily, early morning grain market outlook commentary that is delivered via email by 7:00 cst. Work on First Look begins at 3:30 am. You won't find a better daily, early morning grain market OUTLOOK commentary anywhere. First Look is our core subscription product.

Customized Grain Commentary>

Early Market News can create customized grain market commentary best suited for your business's clientele. If your business could use quality grain market information as an effective tool to establish a consistent communication channel between your business and your customers, contact us. We will design the content to fit your needs. People seem to really "connect" with Duane's writing style, which helps create an excellent environment for agricultural businesses to connect with their customers. You won't find a more cost-effective way to build customer loyalty...give us a call!

In summary, Early Market News, Inc
. is committed to providing quality subscription-based grain market outlook/insight to the agricultural community. AND, we are committed to providing quality content with the same commitment for unique and useful information/insight, to businesses that believe it is important to help their customers and prospects reap the benefits of electronic communication. Through this process, we can help companies maximize customer retention and loyalty.

**If your business can benefit by establishing an electronic communication channel with your customers/prospects, which provides them with quality/professional information that improves customer retention and loyalty, please see an example of our