In today's rapidly advancing technological world, somebody is going to establish solid electronic communication with your customer…let's make sure it is YOU!*

Early Market News's "Customer Connection" Beliefs>

We believe that businesses will rely heavily on electronic communication channels to nurture existing customers and gain trust with new prospects. Whether the customer contact point is face-to-face, or through the vast distances of the Internet, confidence, trust and "connectivity" must be created. We believe we can provide and manage the content and framework needed to help your business establish personal connectivity through electronic communications. Electronic contact with customers and prospects can create limitless opportunities to quickly provide your customers with timely information that will elevate your company's value in the eyes of your customers and prospects.


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Early Market News has made significant investment in developing the capabilities that can help businesses establish a quality line of communication with their customers. Early Market News can provide the quality content needed for your existing newsletter/website to meet the needs/desires of your agricultural customer.


Early Market News is also prepared to develop a newsletter tailored specifically to your needs that will increase your "connection" with your customers and prospects. We have the software to create a professional newsletter that can include some of our content and/or content that your business produces. We will create and manage your newsletter and provide you with excellent tracking data that can be used to maximize your customer growth.

Internet and email…the future's best manner to "connect" with customers> 

Since 1995, Duane has been actively using the Internet as a communication tool. Clearly, we are only seeing the very early stages of using the Internet as the backbone of communication between businesses and consumers in agricultural and every other industry. Early Market News believes establishing quality connectivity between businesses and their customers will be an integral part of maximizing the many benefits of utilizing the Internet and email as an effective communication tool. The future will be actively using electronic communication between customers and businesses. Businesses most prepared to benefit will be those that have provided their customers/prospects with quality news/information/tools through electronic media. During this process a very strong personal bond, based on confidence, will be created. As consumers choose their electronic business partners, they will prefer those that they trust and feel comfortable with. Developing consistent electronic communication channels that provide beneficial information to customers will be considered the key groundwork for good customer/business relations. The most beneficial advertising methods will be those that establish trust/confidence/connectivity, especially in the electronic marketplace. Early Market News can help your business do just that through our newsletter creation service.

In today's rapidly advancing technological world, somebody is going to establish solid electronic communication with your customer… let's make sure it is YOU! We look forward to getting to know your business and understanding your "customer communication" needs.

**If your business can benefit by establishing an electronic communication channel with your customers/prospects,which provides them with quality/professional information that improves customer retention and loyalty, please see an example of our 

Customized Grain Commentary>

Early Market News can create customized grain market commentary best suited for your business's clientele. If your business could use quality grain market information as an effective tool to establish a consistent communication channel between your business and your customers, contact us. We will design the content to fit your needs. People seem to really "connect" with Duane's writing style, which helps create an excellent environment for agricultural businesses to connect with their customers.


In summary, Early Market News is committed to providing quality subscription-based grain market outlook/insight to the agricultural community.AND, we are committed to providing quality content with the same commitment for unique and useful information/insight, to businesses that believe it is important to help their customers and prospects reap the benefits of electronic communication. Through this process, we can help businesses maximize customer retention and loyalty.